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PHP Seeder
Seed strings are values that often applications use to generate pseudo-random numbers to implement data encryption.

When an application needs to use different seed data to encrypt data with a foreign key or hash value for each user, it is ideal to use unique seed values.

This package generates seed strings from the current HTTP request values to increase the probability of generating unique seed values for all applications.
Advanced PHP MySQL Search Controller
Many PHP developers use MySQL as a database to store application information dynamically.

PHP developers often need to perform search queries to filter the database table records with field values matching given criteria. Sometimes there is the need to filter records that match multiple criteria.

SQL allows composing complex search queries to combine multiple search criteria.

MySQL has a particular function named FIND_IN_SET that allows defining a condition that can check if string values have a given number of occurrences of another string value.

This class allows composing complex MySQL search queries that combine multiple search conditions. Some conditions can use the FIND_IN_SET function to find database table records with particular values in larger text fields.

This possibility allows PHP developers to perform complex searches to find given text values inside database table field values that have text values the PHP application users want to see.
Laravel Rackbeat Integration Dashboard
Rackbeat is a Web-based service that customers can use to help them manage the inventory in their warehouse places.

It can manage inventory jobs that are going on in a customer warehouse.

This package can help site owners who are Rackbeat customers quickly see the ongoing jobs in their Rackbeat account in one place on their site.

The package implements a Rackbeat jobs dashboard that developers can add to a site built with Laravel.
Laravel Passport Auth Proxy
Laravel Passport is a package intended to provide user authentication for APIs using the OAuth 2 protocol.

An OAuth 2-based API server can generate tokens for the API clients to access the API on behalf of a real human user who authorizes the access to the API services from API client programs.

An OAuth 2 server can generate access tokens that it returns to the API client program. In the subsequent request that the client program sends to the API server, the client only needs to pass a token value to authenticate on behalf of the same user.

API servers should renew the access tokens after some time to improve the security of the API access.

This package provides a service that can perform the renewal of access tokens using refresh tokens by following the procedure determined by the OAuth 2 protocol specification.

This package can make the OAuth 2-based APIs based on the Laravel Passport more secure.
Laravel Livewire Select2 Alternative
Laravel Livewire is a framework built on top of the Laravel framework that makes it easier to develop Web applications that provide Web interfaces that can change dynamically.

It supports components that can change the Web interface after interacting with the Web server using AJAX requests.

This component can interact with a Web server after the user picks options in a form select input.
VM PHP Validator Package
Validation of data retrieved from external sources like the user input is mandatory in any robust PHP application.

There are many approaches to validating external data.

This package provides an alternative that simplifies the validation process of data passed to classes of objects or returned by those objects.

It uses PHP reflection to minimize the amount of PHP code necessary to validate data passed to classes of objects.

This way, developers reduce the effort to implement robust validation in their PHP applications.
PHP Template Engine Component
PHP is often used to process templates that will define the presentation of Web pages.

In some cases, pages can present the content complexly that involves nested sections because they contain internal parts.

The package provides a template engine that can deal with this complexity.

It allows assigning template marks with content resulting from processing other templates by other objects of the template classes provided by this package.

This way, developers simplify complex template processing by splitting the processing between different objects that can process inner parts of the page using multiple template processing objects.
iaso PHP JSON Parser Library
A Hash DoS attack is a security attack that may affect PHP applications that use arrays or objects to pass parameters from clients to PHP using HTTP request variables.

This vulnerability may affect PHP versions that do not avoid collisions of hash data structures that may take many keys that result in the same hash value to determine how PHP's arrays and objects are stored internally.

PHP provides better alternative methods to store arrays and objects more immune to this vulnerability.

This package implements a parser for JSON strings that uses an alternative method to store values or JSON objects passed to PHP from HTTP requests like those used to call APIs implemented in PHP.
PHP Student Sessions API
A successful student needs to be prepared to show that he learned what he is supposed to learn from his teachers.

Usually, an exam presents exercises that the students need to do to prove they learned what teachers expect them to know.

When students have a limited period to study and be prepared to do the exam, they should plan better their studying efforts so they prepare themselves in time for the exam date.

The package provides an API that can generate a study plan with the times and chapters the students need to go through to practice what they learn and pass the exam.
PHP HouseHold
Many people need to manage the stock of groceries and other products in their homes to consume.

This way, they can determine when it is necessary to buy more products running out of stock.

This package provides an application that lets them manage the stock of products they consume at home using either a Web interface, an API from a mobile application, or the command line console.
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